MUTED is a social thriller where you're taking the role of a single mother hunted by government. You need to craft diapers in slums of a dystopian city. Coming to Steam.


Muted - is a game about single mother who tries to survive in a cruel and unjust post global war world controlled by foreign powers. Welcome to New New York a city on top of a city, a place with a strict population control and foreign powers that control day to day life of usual citizens. You are playing as one of the citizens who were unjustly pushed out of civilized part of the city to the bottom of it, with goal to get rid of you... Will you and your illegal child survive?

This is a social stealth game, with multi-branching story and deep RPG mechanics and base/resource management. Most of the time you as a cyber-implant specialist, will be helping those who are in need in exchange for their help or resources. Keep an eye on your child health and well being as well as your own, make sure that place where you live is safe and secure and keep pushing forward, maybe one day your child can be deemed legal or you could even escape this improvised hell... You constantly meet new people who help, challenge, threaten and help you, your reaction to what they say and do is everything!

While playing Muted you will, through the window of our game observer a complex story of a main character and her child as well of the world itself. Sometimes a person with right tools and knowledge could change the flow of history even without knowing that, will you be that person?
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